TGB Swatch Pro

Say goodbye to the days of endless entangled swatches and say hello to our gorgeous TGB SwatchPro™ - your very own color bible! The first and only of its kind, the TGB SwatchPro™ is customizable and suitable for all brands, allowing you to swap out colors any time. And if that wasn’t enough, it can also be used to swatch anything from nail art to acrylics.

This innovative product allows your customers to hover multiple colors over their nails. A layer of added professionalism that your clients will love!

This ultimate color swatch solution houses up to 120 swatches within a sleek and slim branded outer case, and comes with 120 nail tips. With a simple click-in and click-out system, your customers can easily try on and choose any color they fancy.

Get yourself all set up for your ultimate color swatch solution by also purchasing TGB Color Name Sticker Sheets 

Direction for use: See instruction video or PDF guide below.


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